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Experience Well-Being With Mark Fromm

Enhancing Aliveness for Couples and Individuals Using Stream Psychotherapy™

What is Stream Psychotherapy™?  

Mark developed Stream Psychotherapy™ over many decades of working with couples and individuals and teaching thousands of future therapists. Stream Psychotherapy is an integrative model which builds upon, but can go well beyond, traditional modalities of therapy. As a Stream Psychotherapist, Mark helps couples and individuals tap into new ways they can experience and express their aliveness, and apply the principles, processes, and capacities of aliveness itself toward whatever goals they seek. The comprehensive nature of this model offers a creative array of verbal and experiential approaches which can support letting go of old feelings, ideas, and stuck places while trying out new beliefs, behaviors, and ways of being.  

Couple's Shadow

Couple and Family Therapy

Mark creatively supports couples and families to find greater satisfaction and deeper connection with each other. 



Mark's interactive approach includes insightful feedback,  kindness, and presence, which create a transformative container for healing and growth. 


Consultations for Therapists

Mark devotes time to helping other professionals in the field wishing to further develop their therapeutic capacities or to achieve better results with their clients. 


Meet Mark Fromm

Mark has been working with couples, individuals, and families as a licensed psychologist in California since 1986. A psychologist in private practice and professor of psychotherapy at the Bay Area's leading graduate schools, Mark has taught Masters and Doctoral courses including: Couples Counseling, Psychology of Relationships, Family Therapy, Therapeutic Communication, and The Clinical Relationship.


Mark has taught most recently as a full professor at the California Institute of Integral Studies, where he continues to teach Couples Counseling, Group Supervision and other classes, but his teaching background includes being on core faculty at John F. Kennedy University, and adjunct faculty at the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology, The Wright Institute, Santa Clara University, and other psychology and counseling programs since the mid-1990s.

Mark listens carefully. He cares. Clients feel they have room to be real, freedom to be themselves. They are relating not to a detached expert, but to a companion on the journey who may have some tools and experience that can help along the way. 


To help clients open to transformation, Mark uses therapeutic principles developed over years of work on himself and with others. Mark balances safety and challenge as he works with clients. He sees the client’s “growing edge” as the place where they feel fundamentally safe, supported, and comfortable in therapy while at the same time challenged or stretched to consider moving in a new direction. This includes opening to an unconscious belief, letting in a difficult feeling, trying out a new behavior, etc. Mark doesn't push clients past their comfort zones unless they invite him to, but growth-oriented clients often choose to.


Finally, Mark pays attention to what is alive in the room, what is spontaneous and real for the client moment to moment. That aliveness is the client’s birthright and the key to moving through their stuck places. Mark helps his clients "hitch a ride" on that aliveness, knowing that as they tune into, listen to, and express it, it will support them in manifesting what they are yearning for. Their aliveness has a Developmental Intelligence all its own, and together with Mark, clients are supported in following it to foster the growth they are seeking.

Single: People Come Back Home

This is the first single from Mark Fromm's EP of original songs entitled What Can I Give?

The seven-song EP features Mark's lyrics, vocals, and guest performances from musical icons.  These include recordings of the late great heroes Clarence Clemons of the legendary E Street Band and Rick Danko of The Band, as well as Maria Muldaur, Pete Sears of Hot Tuna and Jefferson Starship, and folksinger Eric Andersen.

What Clients Say

Mark is a gifted therapist. I am fortunate to have found him.  He helped me work though some after effects of trauma that were impacting my life in unwanted ways. I can't recommend him highly enough. 

Louise C.

Oakland, CA (2020)

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