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About Couples Therapy

Creatively supporting couples and individuals to develop their most fulfilling relationship and lives is one of Mark’s greatest joys.

About Individual Therapy

Therapy is unlike any other relationship. In therapy, all of the focus is solely and squarely on you. This dynamic affords a unique opportunity to uncover and explore who you really are.


By directing these insights, you and your therapist are able to plot a course for the experience of change and improvement. It’s a common misconception that all therapists do is simply listen.


Therapy with Mark is active, not passive; and the relationship is collaborative, not one-sided. Together you determine the course of discovery and change. Mark's efforts, observations, thoughts and feedback are designed with that goal in mind.

About Consultations for Therapists

Mark consults with therapists, interns and supervision groups both as a professor at CIIS and privately. 

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